Workshop: Painting Without Fear

Painting Without Fear
September 24 – 28, 2012
Sedona Arts Center
(5 days 9am-4pm)
TUITION: $ 500 (plus $50 materials fee includes all materials)

This workshop will give you a “virtual toolbox” of basic techniques and familiarity with the materials for painting with oils and acrylics. We will explore still-life and landscape painting directly and ways to use photography as a creative tool.

At mid-week, after having done a number of projects with exposure to various techniques for painting, students begin a project focusing on the issue of composition. Students will be guided through a unique process for developing a landscape or still-life motif or students can choose to work on a collage process that will become the “subject matter” for the final painting. In either case students will learn a way to explore compositional possibilities creatively before becoming entangled in the process of “making a painting”.

Each student will work with their own personal studio space within the larger classroom coming together for shared learning and guided group critique. Step-by-step projects will lead to surprising results in an atmosphere of fun and discovery. Lots of individual attention provided. All materials are included for student use during the workshop.

Call the Sedona Arts Center to sign-up at 888.954.4442 or 928.282.3809.   Secure online registration is available from the Sedona Arts Center website (click on dates) .

4 comments on “Workshop: Painting Without Fear

    • This workshop like my last one will be a small and intimate one…possibly as small as 5-6 students. Though I am used to teaching over 20 in the college situation I really like the small group where everyone gets to know each other quickly.

  1. Vince, I have viewed all your video clips I could find on the net under eHow, a couple of times through now, and it has been such a pleasure to watch and listen to you. You are the only person I have found who showed how to set up the box for correct lighting and such — most just show looking at the still life already set up. I am so thrilled at what you have taught me already and I am following your teachings as best I can. That this information is here for all of us for free — you have given of your time at no cost to us — is very generous of you and I just want you to know you are very much appreciated by me and I am sure by many many others. Thank you from my heart. Now I have found this Blog and having much pleasure in viewing and reading.
    Robyne from Australia

  2. I’ve watched your videos and am so impressed with your willingness to share your absolutely awesome talent. I enjoy your personality. You are honest, humble and to the point. I’d love to have a workshop with you, but probably won’t travel. Sorry. My grown children are so thrilled that I’m gettting back inot my art. I’m a retired Art teacher.

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