Vince Fazio
Sedona, Arizona
These works will vary in size and theme as time goes on, for now it seems that I am moving back and forth between smaller and larger work. To inquire about a purchase you may email me  vsfazio at gmail.com Please put “Painting” in the subject line. See larger paintings and more about me at my website.



2 comments on “About

  1. Hello Vince,
    I found out about you by searching for oil painting lessons on youTube.
    You seem to teach the way I learn (if that makes any sense) but, i found the video formats on youtube and over at eHow are out of order and choppy. Is there a way to obtain these videos in a more cohesive package somewhere.
    I love your work. Glad I came across your name. I’m on Cape Cod of all places and I work as an illustrator – see my site- and I was looking for some simple videos to aid me as I finally pick up the oils.
    Great area you live in, I passed thru there about 6 years ago on my way up to GC.
    Thanks again. I hope you are enjoying great success.

  2. Hello vince

    I’m now retiring from my working years and have always wanted to start painting. I wasn’t too bad in my highs cool years and I’m diving in. I have found your videos and blog to be very helpful. You seem easy and relaxed and good at what you do. I may just plan a trip to the Grand Canyon (again) just to take a week long course of yours. We can never to too much of a beautiful thing.

    Thanks for the inspiration

    Roger Landry
    Dallas Texas

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